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Q: What types of fabrics are the masks made of?

A: I mainly use any combination of 100% cotton, non-woven polypropylene, high thread count cotton, flannel and muslin. 

Q: How might I determine what size mask to order?

A: Here’s a ballpark guideline for sizing:
XS: 3-6 year old
S: 7-12 year old
M: Teens/Womens (under 5’7″?)
L: Taller/Larger Women and Mens
XL Taller/Larger Men

Not sure in between two sizes?
Lean towards the size up for the CP mask. Lean towards the size down for 3D.

Q: What's the design difference between a CP and (Octagon) 3D mask?

A: The CP mask has a fitted cup that cradles the chin and jaw-line, contours under the eye sockets and shapes a peak up towards the  nose bridge. The 3D mask does not cup the chin and jaw-line. 

Q: What are the pros and cons of ties/laces, elastic headbands and ear loops?

A1: Ties/Laces are the most adjustable-to-size around the head. Ties/Laces can support the weight of a multi-layered mask and cinch loose gaps around the face, jaw and chin. Ties/Laces and elastic headbands allow  the mask to drape (landyard style) when not in use. Ties/Laces and Elastic headbands do not cause irritation or rashes behind the ears (so far) and do (yes!) accommodate hearing aids.  A lace-lock can be used on laces so one does not have to tie the laces all the time. These would not work well at haircut appointments. Ties/laces and elastic headbands work well for mask performance, overall fit, securing gaps and all-day comfort. 

A2: Elastic headbands work similar to Ties/Laces where one strap goes behind the neck, and the other strap behind (or slightly on top of) the head. It is one continuous elastic loop. You would need to check and adjust the elastic band to your head when you first try it on.

A3: Ear Loops are easy on-and-off the face and most popular with lightweight disposable masks and lightweight lycra-blend masks. Ear loops work best for haircuts and fancy hairdos and do not have to be tied or have a band around the head. Cons: If ear loops are too large, it can cause gaps (especially at the sides of the cheeks) and reduce effectiveness of the mask. Can cause irritation on the ears or skin near the ears. Not hearing-aid compatible. Not recommended for children that might take the mask off constantly (and eventually lose the mask).

Q: Will wearing a mask give me CO2 poisoning?

A: Click here for link

Q: Does wearing a mask make me look fat?

A: No comment

Q: How do I keep my glasses from fogging up?

A: Click here for link
B: Click here for link
C: Place the nose piece from your glasses over the top of the mask.

Q: I ordered a nose-wire sleeve for my new mask. What types of nose-wire would go in the sleeve?

A: There are many everyday items you may already have that can work: twist ties (work well for 2-layer masks), pipe cleaners, 1lb coffee bag closers, florist wiring, copper wire, aluminum stationery clips, repurposing nose-wire from disposable masks, etc. Depending on your needs, one might need to double or triple-up on any of these items (twisting them together to add more strength especially for multi-layered masks). It would add comfort to loop the two ends so that the wire does not stick towards your face. I would recommend removing these items before washing the mask.

Q: I'm having a fliter-sleeve made for my new mask. What types of filters inserts might you recommend?

A: There are many items one may use: paper towels, blue shop towels, cut-up fabric shopping bags, t-shirt, vacumm bags, coffee filters, HEPA filters, etc. Note: some items may not breathe as well.

Q: My mask keeps falling down my nose/face. How can I keep the mask from slipping off?

A: 1. You’ll need to check the elastic ear loops or elastic headbands making sure they are not too long or too loose.
2. Try ties/laces.

Q: My mask rides down my face when I give lectures for a significant amount of time. What would you recommend?

A: Try a 3D mask 

Q: How do I put the mask on? How do I clean the mask?

A: See the following PDF

B: – See image below

Q: How do I use the nose-wire sleeve? How do I insert my filter?

A: See the following PDF

Q: How is the Singer's Mask different?

A: The Singers’ Mask is basically an Octagon 3D mask-design on steroids. It is constructed with 3 flexible-wire reinforcements for structure, custom fit and fabric clearance (at nose and mouth) to accommodate a singer’s range of movement. Lace ties automatically come with the masks (ear loops would not support the weight and structure of the mask).